On-Balance Volume Trading Indicator – What is it and How to Use it

This report offers professional dealers with a comprehensive comprehension of this On-Balance Volume Indicator. It will specify exactly what the On-Balance Volume Indicator is, also it is going to offer a trading plan that dealers can use together with the index, it is going to explore bullish divergence and bearish divergence, plus even more!
What’s the On-Balance Volume Indicator?
The On Balance Volume index (OBV in brief ) was developed by Joe Granville from the 1960s. Back in those times it was a radical indicator, and now, many specialist financial market traders utilize this major indicator for trading and analysis. The index considers quantity and if the quantity is pushing prices down or up. It’s used in technical analysis to quantify purchasing and selling pressure.
It’s a cumulative index, meaning that on days once the price rises, quantity is added to the accumulative OBV total. If the cost declines, that afternoon ‘s quantity is subtracted in the OBV total. The On Balance Volume Indicator Is Considered by the industry as one of the very popular momentum signs, and can be best Utilized to discover new commerce opportunities in the following manners:
* Trend line approach
* Trend change — divergence
* Forex tendency strategy

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The OBV is largely traded on stock markets, in addition to indices and Forex, but because of sheer volatility, cryptocurrencies ( with Forex Talisman you may exchange with cryptocurrency CFDs) is also traded with the assistance of the MT4 OBV index.

Mostly, a stock exchange indicator and, based on MQl5.com, the simple concept utilized by Granville to style his OBV index was that when a stock closes higher than its preceding daily closure, the whole quantity of this day is regarded as up-volume. Conversely, if a stock closes lower than the previous everyday near, all its day’s quantity is known as down-volume. The accumulative total of the negative and positive volume flows shaped the OBV line.
Granville’s research indicated that modifications in the management of the On Balance Volume index predicted potential reversals in price management. As an example, if the dealers began to heavily purchase a marketplace (i.e. Forex, commodity, stock, equity), an elevated quantity would induce the OBV line to climb, which then, would drag the cost higher.
In the event the volume ceased rising within a purchasing tendency, it was suggestive of purchasing pressure beginning to decrease, and the probabilities that the bull trend was no more sustainable increasing.
The same is true for the bearish tendency. To offer additional confirmation that a tendency could be deciphered, Granville advocated using a 20-period moving ordinary in combination with this OBV. Because of this, the OBV users can then observe such occasions a lot more readily, by imagining any crossovers of the OBV line and its own moving average.
In case the OBV indicates a divergence from cost movement, then a price change is imminent. As an example, if the purchase price is rising, however, the OBV begins to fall, a potential marketing chance may exist.

The next example shows us the way the cost is after a fresh uptrend, and also the way the OBV is after the MA quite carefully. Each time that the OBV goes beneath and then over the EMA 20, the cost rejects in the trend , making a different rebound in the up direction. This may be a foundation for an OBV plan, particularly when paired with the Forex Talisman Pivot Indicator.

Just like the majority of divergences, the OBV may also behave prior to the price tag, indicating in that way a cost breakout could happen. Recognizing OBV divergence is essential. After the cost is making a lower low, however, the OBV is creating a high low — we call it bullish divergence. In case the OBV is creating a lower high, but the cost is making a greater — we call it bearish divergence.
If the trend is upward along with the OBV is revealing a bearish divergence, traders typically have a brief position once the price breaks under its present trendline. A stop-loss is put above the latest swing, and greater in the purchase price. Dealers might choose to hold the transaction for so long as the OBV supports it, and once the cost is trending lower towards the service.
A stop-loss is put beneath the latest swing, and greater in the purchase price. Traders might choose to hold the transaction for so long as the OBV supports it, and once the cost is trending high towards the immunity.
OBV divergence consistently works better when the cost is at immunity (for brief trades) or in service (for extended transactions ). A Fantastic option is to utilize the Forex Talisman Pivot index That’s part of this award-winning MetaTrader Supreme Edition plugin for MetaTrader 4 along with MetaTrader 5, as shown in the illustrations below:
Bullish Divergence

Bearish Divergence
Supply: MetaTrader 4: Supreme Edition – EUR/JPY M15 Chart – Information Range: Please Notice: Past performance doesn’t indicate future results, nor can it be a reliable indicator of future performance.
This tendency trading Forex strategy indicates using the following hints:
* Forex Talisman Pivot place to D1

* OBV using EMA 20 implemented
Which FX currency pairs can be used for this strategy?
It’s suggested to exchange with all significant pairs such as GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY. The plan will be traded on a H1 period. The Bollinger Bands utilize the span of 50 to allow for greater cost changes. A very long entry is created if the decrease BB is broken, and once the cost returns back in the BB.
Then we just await the OBV to split the EMA20 from under, and then shut . The goal is that the first, the next, or the next Forex Talisman Pivot immunity line over the entrance, whereas the end is put 5 pips under the final low. Have a look at the extended haul illustration below:

A brief entry is created when the top BB is broken, and once the cost returns back in the BB. Then we simply await the OBV to split the EMA20 from previously, and shut below it. The goal is that the first, the next, or the next Forex Talisman Pivot service line over the entrance, whereas the end is put 5 pips over the past low. Have a look at the illustration of a brief commerce below.

Keep in mind that in Forex, the OBV has to be employed with other trading signs to validate signs, as we showed in the cases above. In trending markets, the on-balance volume trading system coupled with Forex Talisman Pivot support/resistance amounts ought to be a trusted trading strategy. What’s more, that the On Balance Volume index provides another dimension of this marketplace to help us affirm trends, momentum, and divergence.
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This material doesn’t include and shouldn’t be construed as comprising investment information, investment recommendations, an offer of solicitation for any trades in monetary instruments. Please be aware that such trading evaluation isn’t a trusted index for any present or future operation, as conditions can change over time.