Using FX Futures Open Interest to trade forex

Open Interest (From FX Futures)describes the entire number of trades entered to, however maybe not offset, with way of a deal or delivery, and hence they truly are out standing or “open”. Never to be mistaken with volume. Broadly speaking, open interest rises when fresh currency goes on the marketplace, and therefore reassuring of this existing tendency up or down, of course when open interest declines, it isn’t support of this tendency.

Trend Confirmation Strategy (Rising Open Interest):

In an uptrend or downtrend, in the event that you begin rising open interest you will be confident that the tendency is endorsed by fresh money.

Trend Reversal Strategy (Falling Open Interest):

In an uptrend or downtrend, in the event that you begin diminishing open interest then it is possible to assume that the tendency doesn’t need the general bullish or bearish opinion to rear a continuation of this fad.


Since spot forex trades are taken outside overthecounter, and maybe not through trades, there isn’t any volume or open interest list of the trades which come to pass. The top spot to search for open interest data is at the money stocks contract, which proceed in tandem together with their location counter parts. For example, if visit an increasing open source of this Euro Futures once the Euro is bullish, it’s rather an affirmation sign the trend will go on.

Standard Source:

Go to CME Group Volume and Open Interest Reports page to lookup the amount and open interest for almost any specific currency futures. You may notice on that page a written report entitled Daily Volume and Open Interest Report.

Please note: The Daily Volume and Open Interest Report published towards the conclusion of each and every trading day (4:15 PM EST) are reports just. Last reports comprising official statistics will be published the next morning.

Each pdf report can be really a bulky 52 pages packaged using volume and open interest stats. You need to key in “Euro FX Futures” from the Find button on your browser or even pdf viewer so as to discover the particular advice linked to the money options. Once you’ve done this that you may find a section which looks something similar to the one beneath, even with an increase of monies recorded than that which I have selected to reproduce.

To obtain the net shift of interest that is open, you must check at the much perfect. Since it is possible to view the internet shift for Jan 5, 2012 has been 10439, meaning there’s sufficient fresh open fascination with Euro FX Futures to imply that the downtrend of this EURUSD could go on (Rising Open Interest = Trend Confirmation). The issue with this record is it is challenging to check your own information, and it’s tough to observe exactly what the historical amounts have visited provide context to the existing shift.